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Post-Campaign Quests

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:12 am    Post subject: Post-Campaign Quests Reply with quote

Just to write this down somewhere, while it's still fresh in memory:

1. The Crown of Fangs has been destroyed, but the Fangs of Kazavon previously composing it are still alive with the dread spirit of the ancient herald of Zon-Kuthon. Korrak remembers a piece of lore from previously studying the artifact... only a sword forged from a once-mortal god can sunder the Fangs for good.

Where in Golarion can such a sword be? Which god would have made such a thing? Iomedae, Cayden Cailean, and Norborger spring to mind, as they are the most well-known ascendants who passed the Test of the Starstone in Absolom.

Another facet to this trial lies in the Brotherhood of Bones... a sect of Zon-Kuthon worshipers who seek the Seven Relics created from Kazavon's remains. Although previously aiding the Champions of Korvosa in their quest for Serithtial, surely the desire to destroy the Fangs of Kazavon would put the party at odds with the Brotherhood.

2. Vencarlo Orisini has gone missing. Last seen by the party, Vencarlo found ill fortune when he drew The Teamster from the Harrow Deck of Many Things, begrudgingly accepting the summons of an unknown, finely robed man who appeared shortly afterwards. Who was this robed man and where did he take Vencarlo?

3. The Everdawn Pool remains intact in the Sunken Queen. An ancient artifact of Thassilonian Runelord creation, mystery surrounds this powerful but morally ambiguous device. The party has seen just a few of the many possible uses of this enigmatic device... but can any good come from such a machine?

4. As time will tell, the Curse of the Crimson Throne has been lifted... halfway. Though all Korvosan monarchs have met an untimely end, no doubt from the hands of usurpers influenced by the dark spirit within the proximate Fangs of Kazavon, how is it that any Korvosan ruler has yet to produce an heir to the throne while reigning? Perhaps there is more vile magic lurking near Castle Korvosa?

In fact, the party vaguely recollects finding a defiled sarcophagus in the dungeon of Shoanti make found below Castle Korvosa... a dungeon that is definitely just the top level of the ancient Grand Mastaba that serves as the castle's foundation. Strangely, the coffin seemed to have been broken from the inside. Could there be more evil living beneath the throne?

5. Having drawn the Mute Hag from the Harrow Deck of Many Things, Astre is cursed... it is known to anyone who looks upon her that Astre's secret identity is Blackjack. The only way to break the curse is the pass the baton to a new swordsman, nullifying the truth behind this secret... or find a powerful wizard or priest ally willing to call in a favor from the powers in the Great Beyond. Perhaps a cure specific to this strange, spiritual curse can be found in the planes tied to the afterlife?

6. Yet again, Korvosa has found itself without a monarch. With no spouse or heir to take over after the death of Ileosa, there is now a dangerous vacuum of power in an already grievously wounded city. The noble houses, especially House Arkona, will no doubt vie for the power to fill the seat. Perhaps another member of the Arabasti family in Cheliax will hear of this empty throne and attempt to claim the crown? Maybe even Kain or Astre, one of the Champions of Korvosa, wishes to rule?

7. There's also the issue of Fern's new-found nobility. She has a title and is recognized as a noble, but to what house or court? Also, what to do with these formians hanging around all the time?

8. Astre now owns a keep situated on a major trade route between Korvosa, its holdings, and Janderhoff. It is possible this prime land was at the very least surveyed beforehand by Korvosan nobility. It is certain there were denizens living on this wilderness before the Keep was drawn from the Harrow deck. It would at least be worth the time to check the place out, eh?

You should all be level 16 if we ever venture back into this arc. If you didn't get enough XP from the final session of Curse of the Crimson Throne, I'm sure it wouldn't take much more.
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